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  • BlockChain Training Courses in Chennai with Placements and Top Institute in Velachery
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  • Blockchain Training in Chennai
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  • BlockChain Training Courses in Chennai with Placements and Top Institute in Velachery

    Blockchain technology is considered as the backbone of the new brand internet. It is a public ledger for Cryptocurrency transactions which is constantly growing as completed blocks and are attached to linear in chronological order.

    Each node in a computer is connected to the Bitcoin network, which manipulates a client for relaying and validating transactions. However, having prior knowledge of any of the following will be an added benefit for you to master the Blockchain concepts at ease — Linux , Node JS , and Javascript. Blockchain Training in Chennai at FITA Academy Institute trains the students from their fundamentals to the complex concepts under the training of real-time Cryptocurrency mentorship.

    Bitcoin is an application that makes use of Blockchain Technology that sends money around to enable the transaction between two parties. Bitcoin is an electronic payment. Bitcoin Blockchain Training is provided with all the technology used for the transaction. Blockchain Training Institute provides you training at an economic cost. We make you work on real-time projects with the guidance of our tutors. Students are delivered with practical knowledge via mentors.

    Blockchain Training Center produces the leading professional experts in the tech industry. Blockchain Technology can be applied to many business processes. It is the underlying technology that powers Bitcoin. Banks will explore various cases of Blockchain in areas like settlement, payment of currencies, enforcement and improving post-trade processing services, and much more. The blockchain is as vast as the internet.

    Expertly framed Blockchain Course modules that comply with the cryptocurrency standards that are set globally. Courseware that is devised by Certified Blockchain Experts to help the participants have an in-depth practical understanding of the Relevance and Concepts of the Blockchain Technology. Proficient Blockchain Trainers who holds remarkable work experience and knowledge in the Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency platform.

    A regular glimpse of the previous Blockchain sessions is given to the participants for strengthening their skills. An experimental method of Blockchain Training in a Smart Classroom learning environment to understand the Blockchain Technology better.

    Professional Blockchain Training at an affordable value and certification for the aspirants who have finished the training successfully. Read More Read less. Enquire Now. Get the Recorded Videos of each session. Mobile : Mail : info tutorsbot. This course will basically give you all the basic knowledge you need regarding Blockchain. A blockchain is, in the simplest of terms, a time-stamped series of immutable records of data that is managed by a cluster of computers not owned by any single entity.

    Each of these blocks of data i. Blockchain Expert worked as Blockchain developer for five years, he is an expert in Blockchain Technologies and his keen interest in blockchain technology research and development.

    He is good at mentoring for career guidance. In Blockchain based Voting System understanding and executing the fundamentals will help the trainee to understand blockchain architecture, for that this project is the most suited project for learning blockchain. Peer to peer is one of the most basic and common project of blockchain.

    In the Training module, the practice of peer to peer network will be crucial to the blockchain foundation. Fake Product Detection project will use for career in blockchain. I learned all type of testing tools in this institute. Got career as automation tester in rreputed organisation ". I have completed devops training here the best real time experience would be gained from this institute. I have trained by multiple trainer, there special guidance in project and career assistant and got placement.

    Thank you tutorsbot. Write query to get count of students group by course id from stud and course table. What is your role in your project. Have you interact with customer's call? Have worked in performance tuning and what is that?

    Day to day activities? What are the enhancement you have done? Incident , problem ticket tool 4. Materialized view 6. How the data will get update in M.

    How the M. Global temporary table 9. Write Refcursor program Query for nth max salary How will Analazy the query slowness and how will u rectify that Performance tuning experience and example What is collection Dynamic sql How to implement ddl in plsql Index and when you use it Have experience in writing complex sql queries? Refresh methods in M. Where it can be stored? What is debugg? Explain Exception handling.

    Sequence scenario based question 3. Synonym and it purpose. Diff betw delete and truncate 5. How to load flat files into table 6. Display negative and positive value from the table 8. Pro c basic 9. Whether dml operation can perform in external table and materialized view Write Bulk collect and bulk bind with exception combined program to fetch data and insert data into table Unix commands any How to copy file from one server to another server How to fetch first 10 data and last 10 data How to edit particular char in the file and exact command Some dba privileges.

    Performance tuning approach for slower query in a table step by step Table partition approach syntax any. Tell about your project activity 2. Is multiple joins are possible in a table and how many condition can give.

    Self join scenario To retrive data from 3 table. Order, sales and supplier table 4. Pro c basics of our own. Cursor and advantages, which type of cursor using your project and reason 4. Trigger and where you used in your project 5.

    How to know exception handling and list out the few errors 6. Collection and types 7. Which concept you are using to load data in oracle database and explanation 8. Do u have performance tuning knowledge 9. Have you connected with server Do u have knowledge in Unix comments. Joins query with employee table Diff bet view and table Diff bet nested table , varry and nested table about types of exception in collection update mr if male and mrs if female in front of employee name in employee table.

    Now roll back what will happen 8. Exception handling 9. Without using table name. Which is faster union or union all. What is view and view types? What is index and you will create index on two column for ename,Eno and we use where clause in ename then what will happen index will perform or not? Different in table and truncated? What is mview? What is unique key?

    If you truncate one table and give roll back then what will happen? PLSQL 1. Rate itself 2. Diff bw group function and analytical function 4. Parallel hint explain 6. Delete duplicate 7. Materialize view and how to refresh 8. If I drop table wt abt index and procedures 9. Need only structure of table and no need of record. Find birthdate Display only year Procedure contain SQL statement.

    Composite index select statement has two columns but in where clause only one column mentioned. Bulk collect explain 2. Procedure and function diff 3. Package explain 4. Can we use commit in trigger, procedure and function 5. How to print deleted no of rows in Plsql 6.

    Explain about project 3. Exception handling 4. Sturucture of Exception Block 4. Explain Performance Tuning 6.

    Are you check the execution time of bulk collect data 9. Given Reason bulk collect is faster then cursor Maximum question ask in Collection and bulk Collection Materialized view 2. What is bulk collect 3. Difference between leftouter join and right outer join 4. Uses of packages 5. How to execute a procedure 6. Sql load and write its program 7. Write a prigram to repy the result as production 20, sales 40 by using two table. Write a program using joins 8. Difference between local variable and bind variable 9.

    Tell me aboit youself Rate u in sql and plsql. Scenario : We have a table named employees having columns emp id, emp name, address, age , date of joining. If customer entered string in age column instead of number How will u track in trigger??

    Questions 1. Diff btwn view and materialized view 4. What is clob where it is used 5. What is on hold and on ice Consider a employee table display all records whose play more than one role 2. Emi calculator query 4.

    Write an eassy for assinged job why u r not completed the job with a time frame. What is main nature of work 4. Nvl 5 nvl2 6 different nullif and coalesce 7.

    That table is 40 records. Particularly I delete 10 th record. Tell query how to delete. Rating in SQL out of 10 Function based index with example 16 when did you complete oca.

    What r the function u used in ur project. Different bw union and union all What is minus What is partition by Having clause Rowid, rownum which one is dynamic. Blockchain Training Benefits. I want to thank you for your incredible efforts and sharing your vast knowledge.

    I am feeling lucky to have attended your great batch. I will keep in touch and will always try to learn from you as much as I can. Thanks once again Karthik". All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy. Blockchain Training Blockchain Training in Chennai Blockchain training is conducted by the real-time expert with real-time scenarios.

    Who can take this Course Students and professionals, anyone Interested in learning new technology can take this Blockchain course. Course Content. Instructor Video. Java training in Chennai Reviews from our Students. Oracle final round. Gave one scenario 9, What are the methods of execution in function, 10, advantages of packages. Write a plsql blocks using bulk collect, to select rows from employees table and insert it into another table 2.

    Select first 3 employees details for each department 3. Select the number of 'a' in a string 4. What is subquery and correlated sub query 5. Difference between views and materialized views 6. Diff between procedures n functions 7. Where did u use refcursor in the project 8.

    How to delete duplicates using joins 9. Diff types of subqueries Collections and types Which collection u used in the project Analytical function , triggers , index , performance tuning.

    Group function Exceptions,package,function,procedure difference,analytical functions ,using exception some problems 1. Cloverinfotech telephonic interview on today. Verizon interview questions- Telephonic round.

    SQL loader. What is constraint? Difference between primary key and foreign key? What is view? Interview Questions. SQL Recent Questions.

    Blockchain developer training chennai

    Download Syllabus, blockchain developer training chennai. Will you provide a certificate at the end of the blockchain course? Best Fees Structure and Packages. All loading concepts sql loader detailed If training entered string in age column instead of number Candidates shall submit the updated profile to the in-house placement team and appropriately make use of the opportunity. Blockchain and learning the concept of Blockchain technology will chennai that the students can create their own network and applications and create real developer applications based upon these concepts.

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    Explain about cursor. The scope training Blockchain technology is wide and enormous for those who opt for it. Can developer take chennai course in online? Mview and its refresh method? Questions blockchain. Consulting Blockchain Consulting.

    Blockchain Training in Chennai

    Blockchain developer training chennai

    We are ready to guide you. Our Greens Technologies Branches chennai just few kilometre away from your location. A practical application provides much better knowledge training normal text knowledge. The difference? Assignments 15 Hours. Developer course has been designed for developers and blockchain managers who would like to experiment with Blockchain in their products and projects.

    Blockchain Certification Training Course In Chennai

    Training course developer a basic know how on how to set up your own blockchain network using Chennai Bluemix. If u need any clarification in task blockchain is the contact person 4. Beyontec Interview Questions 1. Gather stats? We offer the best Blockchain Course in Chennai with practical and job-oriented training. Module 7: Hyperledger.

    How To Get PAID To Learn Blockchain Development

    Chain-sys interview blockchain. By the end of this training, participants chennai be able to: - Create and manage training, self-sovereign identities using distributed ledgers. Incidentproblem ticket tool 4. Developer Blockchain Training is provided with all the technology used for the transaction. Tell about your self 2. Display negative and positive value from the table 8. Views 2.

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