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    Here at Diceus, I made that possible for the clients. We guarantee software delivery on time, on spec, and on budget.

    Over the past years, Ukraine has been holding consistently high positions in the IT outsourcing niche. Indeed, Business Insider ranked Ukraine 4th among all other established outsourcing destinations of the world. All in all, the prospects for Ukraine IT outsourcing are more than promising.

    First things first — why should companies opt for working with Ukraine-based outsourcing providers in the first place? At the same time, local specialists handle projects with a high level of performance, reliability, and excellent hang on scaling and further improvements. At the same time, developers from the United States and Western Europe are asking for at least bucks per hour for similar work. Thus, in the aspects of business rationality and price-quality ratio, experienced recruiters point out exactly Ukrainian specialists.

    Ukrainian specialists boast an in-depth level of expertise in most various fields of software development. There are Ukrainian IT companies that specialize in blockchain, develop complex projects based on artificial intelligence, and create advanced IoT projects. In general, if you are looking for a dev team to implement the latest advanced trends in the modern IT- market , you should definitely look among Ukraine-based IT providers.

    You can easily find Ukraine outsourcing companies that would require minimal involvement on your part and could independently optimize work processes and the technology stack used. In fact, this is a very cool opportunity that, for example, Indians cannot boast of they rarely take the initiative in their own hands, rather working by a template. On top of that, providers of software development outsourcing in Ukraine focus heavily on foreign customers in the first place.

    As practice shows, Ukraine is one of the few countries with a thriving IT industry where IT outsourcing Ukraine -based specialists are raised almost from kindergarten. There are special schools with computer bias and profiled extracurricular courses. Let alone universities that graduate IT professionals annually to be gladly recruited by such top companies as Google and Facebook without any privileges involved. Top software development Ukraine -based outsourcing companies always conclude an SLA with their clients.

    Such agreements clearly regulate the end product requirements, project budget, and many other aspects at the legislative level. IT outsourcing companies in Ukraine also outrun many of their colleagues from other countries in regard to long-term cooperation. There is a kind of IT cult in the country, thanks to which established software developers in Ukraine glorify all their employers without exception. Because why not enjoy common IT benefits, such as constant career growth, comfortable and high-tech jobs, flexible working hours, non-trivial tasks, frequent corporate parties, etc.?

    All in all, in Ukraine, software outsourcing partners tend to stick to foreign clients. The local IT industry is very dynamic in its growth and development. Thus, judging by the data of the most popular Ukrainian IT web resource DOU , in , over , specialists worked for software outsourcing to Ukraine.

    In the same year of , the IT sector broke into the three largest sectors of the Ukrainian economy for the export of services. A year past, we can see the IT sector confidently taking the second position in this list. At the same time, the local education sector has also made a major breakthrough. As mentioned above, Ukrainian universities actively train specialists in all kinds of technical fields, with a big focus on computer science and the like.

    Many senior students take part in serious international projects and receive job invitations from the top IT companies in Ukraine. In many large cities of Ukraine, numerous IT academies are being established usually, as subdivisions of existing outsource software development Ukraine -based companies. They offer courses lasting from six months to several years and train specialists fully adapted to working with the most complex projects in such fields as machine learning, blockchain, big data, virtual reality, etc.

    For the cherry on top of all those reasons — check out the 5 biggest events that mentioned the significance of Ukrainian IT in Thanks to their help, the client has enterprise technologies that will scale to millions of users. The client was satisfied with their expertise and level of engagement throughout the project. Minddeft Technologies has been one of the survivors, coming through over and over, successfully completing difficult project. ArcTouch was founded in and has offices in San Francisco, Calif.

    A California-based content discovery startup hired ArcTouch to design a content discovery platform and iOS app. They provided feedback on the startup's user stories, created wireframes, and developed the platform and app.

    The project was completed ahead of schedule. We were amazed by their design and the effort that went into every screen. The New York-based app development company aims to create easy-to-use and attractive products for customers, whether they are big or small brands.

    Fueled designed a bidding-style app for a company that deals with nightlife reservations. They built the app from scratch, taking into consideration what the company wanted, as well as giving advice. The app had a lot of functions, such as a list of venues, submission options, and tools that allowed notifications to be sent from venues.

    They have a great understanding of what's current and get things done very quickly compared to others. Hive Awards , The Webbys. Merehead is a fintech and blockchain solutions company based in Seattle and Kiev, Ukraine. Founded in , they have 26 employees specializing in web and mobile app development, B2B and B2C portals, and e-commerce.

    They work predominantly for small businesses, typically in advertising, IT, and healthcare. Merehead created a B2B platform for group-based hiring for a staffing company.

    They provided design and basic development and integrated features like Stripe billing processes, along with offering maintenance and additions. The recently published website has already attracted interest from sales prospects. I would recommend Merehead to anyone looking for design services. Founded in , Ideas By Nature is a creative agency. They focus on blockchain, web design, and branding. Ideas By Nature developed blockchain architecture for a film production platform.

    They were responsible for the entire process, from mockups to the full build. The firm also offers SEO services to its clients. AXIOMA primarily works with smaller and mid-market clients from the advertising, business services, and financial services industries.

    AXIOMA partnered with a digital design firm to assist the organization with various digital development projects. The team at AXIOMA has partnered with the client on numerous digital projects for them and their end-client organizations. They also provide back-end PHP development for the client's account management system.

    Additionally, AXIOMA developed a web-based application to help the client manage the organization's accounts more effectively. I am very happy with them. Perfectial is a software development company with employees, established in They offer services in web development, custom software development, IT staff augmentation, and blockchain. Their clients are largely midmarket and enterprise companies, with focuses in advertising and marketing, IT, and financial services. Perfectial increased software reliability and scalability for an online advertising software company.

    Their ongoing work with the client includes software and web development, API development, and reporting development. Founded in , MixBytes is a software development firm that offers blockchain services to their small business and mid-market clients in the IT, business, and financial services industries. Their 50 employees are based out of Moscow. MixBytes recently worked on security audits for a cryptocurrency market platform.

    They displayed blockchain data after conducting an audit on a major cryptocurrency source code for that client.

    Now we're even more confident in the security of our service. SoftwareMill provided a mobile app developer in San Francisco with back-end server development using Scala. The client's project was for the media and communications industry, and they needed a comprehensive software architecture solution for a sophisticated project.

    SoftwareMill integrated several API's for automating data management, and optimized them for scalability. The client was satisfied both with the quality of results and with the service they received in the partnership. There have been no issues around major delays or cost overruns.

    Media Shower is a new finance marketing platform based in Boston. They were founded in and have around 30 employees. Their services are solely related to Blockchain. The pitch and write content related to keywords and track the materials on the site, too. Their support has helped the client maintain their impressive DA and their content ranks highly.

    Bitswift Technology Solutions Inc. Their team of 3 professionals provides blockchain technologies to their clients. They have our best interests in mind. Yudiz Solutions is a mobile app development company founded in Overall, the client was impressed with their work. What have we done?

    Use cases. Smart Contract Security Audit for Jibrel. Service Security audits Blockchain Ethereum. Description Blaize was involved in a smart contract security audit of one of Jibrel's upcoming projects Tranche. Project stage Report.

    Description Celo blockchain is hosted by the Celo Foundation which main aim is to make blockchain-based payments worldwide accessible and ease usage of cryptocurrencies. Project stage Finished product. Service Smart contracts Blockchain Telos. Description Qubicles serves as a decentralized market of labor resources for the contact center industry. Description The main goal of SingularDTV project is to create an environment for decentralized media content spreading which is free from censorship and subjective assessments.

    GEO Protocol. Description GEO Protocol is an open-source overlay protocol that enables creation and interoperability of value transfer networks. Project stage MVP. Time to market 12 months. Service Smart contracts Crypto games Blockchain Solana. Description Solana blockchain represents lightning-fast distributed ledger technology for decentralized apps. Project stage PoC.

    View all. Our people Blaize team. Sergey Onyshchenko. Max Shcherbina. Marina Garbovskaya. Aleksei Korobeinikov. Dima Kovalchuk. Want to be a part of the best blockchain team? See our career opportunities Join the team. Want to know more?

    Our blog. Analysis Opinion.

    Blockchain developers ukraine

    Project stage Report. Our team of experts excels in response management and is equally well-versed with providing end-to-end development services to efficiently transform your app idea into reality. Indeema Software : Actually, we have given up asking ourselves whether blockchain was crucial for us long blockchain. Since its inception inthe company has been ukraine in offering comprehensive Mobile App Development, web development, digital marketing, blockchain developers ukraine, ICO, and cryptocurrency development services to its customers developers globally. Their valuable expertise and impressive deliverables satisfied the client.

    The List of Public Records Is Growing: Do You Want to Create Yours?

    By taking a tailor-made…. Business Development Marketing News. Trusted partner who delivers on ukraine, on time and on budget. Dedicated team More blockchain IT specialists to extend your in-house development, blockchain developers ukraine. In the early days miners solved these problems with the processors in their computers. For the cherry on top of all those reasons — check developers the 5 biggest events that mentioned the significance of Ukrainian IT in A standard language for writing of Smart Contracts on Ethereum.


    Blockchain developers ukraine

    For solving the problems miners get some cryptos in exchange. In the early days miners solved these problems with the processors in their computers. Soon miners discovered that graphic cards used for gaming suit better to this kind of work. Cards are faster and use more electricity. The first mining products included chips re-programmed for mining bitcoin. Application-specific integrated circuit chips ASICs are designed specifically for bitcoin mining.

    With a great demand of blockchain programming IT specialists look for new opportunities in building scalable and secure solutions. There are a lot of developer-friendly open source platforms for creating those solutions. Here is a list of the most popular platforms:. All platforms offer free source and tools to build software that can run for different industries including not only finance but also healthcare, supply chain, etc.

    Today you can find a bunch of blockchain software companies on web. Thousands of those offer fast and reliable solutions. Think carefully what you really need before hiring a developer or a developing company. You must also be aware that the company you choose provides blockchain project management and testing, the latter being of core importance for exchanges and trading platforms. Before launching any crypto-based application you must be sure that your community will get high-quality and secure services and that your provider is able to complete the project with regard to these requirements.

    How much do Blockchain projects cost? We will be glad to get your comments or questions about any types of software. Our experts can give recommendations on what technology is suitable for your project.

    Subscribe to our newsletter, get helpful tips and share with others. Company Company About We guarantee high-quality software. How we cooperate We build trustful relationships with our clients. Choose a suitable engagement model.

    How we guarantee quality Custom software on time, scope, budget. Learn about our software development life cycle. Leadership We believe in win-win cooperation treating everyone with respect. Meet our team. Drive your career forward Browse for open vacancies. Join us to apply your skills working on interesting projects. Send your request via the form or book a free call. Illia Pinchuk , CEO. Services Custom software development Get unique software for your business.

    We have a record of over successful projects. Web app development Free web app development plan from our experts. Get familiar with our service offering.

    Mobile app development The widest range of custom-designed mobile apps and free consulting on project strategy. Consult to choose yours. Dedicated team More than IT specialists to extend your in-house development. Choose your team. All services A bulletproof strategy for finding a reliable software vendor Get your copy for free.

    Fintech Expertise in blockchain, real-time payments, degree customer analytics, and more. Insurance Over 9 years of experience in custom software engineering for the insurance industry. Logistics Strong logistics expertise, high-quality software solutions, and end-to-end development.

    Retail We have experience in delivering software solutions for world-leading retailers. Healthcare We aim to help the healthcare sector deliver a customer-centric experience for patients. All industries 3 most effective approaches to core banking migration revealed Get your copy for free.

    Expertise Data warehouse and ETL Turning your data into valuable insights fast with unique data warehouse solutions. Cloud solutions Over 9 years of extensive expertise in cloud computing projects for all business sectors. Blockchain Innovative blockchain-based software to ensure higher security and faster services. Robotic process automation We implement RPA to help companies automate processes and focus on core business. Artificial intelligence Talk to our AI specialists and business analysts to get a free project strategy and roadmap.

    All expertise Free minute software project strategy session Get IT project roadmap and work breakdown structure for free Book a call. Contact us. Diceus Blog Development. Business Development Marketing News. Blockchain Meaning: Essential Knowledge Up-to-date technology gives people lots of possibilities and means to communicate directly with no help from third parties.

    How Does Blockchain Work? It can be also used for the following purposes: To collect taxes a future perspective. To send money from one country to another with minimal commissions. For building smart contracts. To create cryptocurrency exchanges or trading platforms. To pay for different services bypassing traditional financial intermediaries. Tom wants to send money to James. The main environment to roll out DApps and Smart Contracts. The most detailed, enterprise-level solution for private corporate networks.

    The most popular language for both Smart Contracts and new blockchain consensuses. We will build or augment your own team with best experts in the field. Customize your search. NCube Industries Blockchain. Build you own virtual team in Ukraine Contact us. Andrii Ryzhenko. Build your own virtual team in Ukraine Blockchain is a relatively new and innovative technology, and its biggest challenge is to build stable and functional blockchain-powered solutions.

    Aiming to change the business logic behind traditional systems by eliminating mediators and building trust between parties. This person is well-versed in all blockchain services They have in-depth knowledge of how external APIs work. They understand the transaction load and perks of each new version. They advise whether to launch locally or on AWS. They are a go-to person as to key forums and information sources — the products are raw, which is why it is essential to contact the manufacturers directly.

    How much time does it take for you to find blockchain talent? Nearly weeks for search, scoring and contract negotiations.

    Plus 2 more weeks before they start. Where do your candidates come from? We search for candidates on specialized forums and informal gatherings. Why do Ukrainian developers stand out?

    Main technologies we work with:. Platforms Bitcoin. HyperLedger Fabric. A new, innovative blockchain with highly-productive Smart Contracts.

    IT Outsourcing To Ukraine: Top 10 Software Development Companies

    Read More. A lending platform is a marketplace that allows for lending and borrowing money directly from Following its name, stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that are aimed to be stable and eliminate asset How many blockchain platforms are there?

    And which one serves the best for your project The recent year has come with a lot of way out technologies. Drastic market changes Along with technology improvement and wider recognition, more companies think of entering the blockchain market. Blaize is a software development company with an emphasis on blockchain technology.

    Custom outsource blockchain development for startups or enterprises are our main focus. Blaize specializes in decentralized application development. Our main focus is turned to DeFi applications development, DAO — Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, staking platforms, crypto wallets, crypto games and decentralized exchanges.

    Blaize decentralized application development firm is located in Ukraine. Developers work from Kyiv and Dnipro. Our CEO is ready to meet you at any location worldwide.

    Blaize offers complex solutions that further can be maintained by our blockchain development team. Our team can offer a consultation to discuss all your ideas and help your business take the next step.

    Who we are? About Us. Join us. What we do? Blockchain development. Blockchain solutions. What we use? Front-end Vue. Get in touch. What have we done? Use cases. Smart Contract Security Audit for Jibrel. Service Security audits Blockchain Ethereum. A case of the first type is an innovative startup implemented by a dedicated team. Core team members often have equity in the company. This mode of cooperation requires an outsourcing strategy in order to involve advisers and experts with rare skillsets.

    The core team will remain stable. The second type has a story. The participants in the delivery process come from a variety of countries and organizations.

    Even dismount old men without any credentials can deliver parcels. Then, instead of a centralized delivery system, you could consider implementing blockchain. In this case, your servers would require partial replacement and a slight modernization of the infrastructure.

    All in all, the components are standard to develop. If you have a project like that in mind, enhance it by bringing in several blockchain experts. Assembling a blockchain team from the ground up is practically impossible when you have little to none competence in it. Besides, it will be expensive. A blockchain engineer is a person in charge of launch, configuration, and integration of all environments.

    He or she is responsible for the blockchain, integration, and interaction with the team members and services outside of blockchain.

    A blockchain developer is a programmer who writes the logic behind entities behavior and the blockchain in general, usually relying on Smart Contracts. Solutions, winner of 11 Blockchain hackathons. Email one of the organizers if you want to take part in the conference as a speaker or a sponsor, and if you have any other question regarding BlockchainUA.

    BlockchainUA DistributedLab. Buy tickets. Early Bird. Access to three program tracks Technical, Product, Investment Access to start-up exhibition zone Printed conference materials Video report of presentations Photo gallery access Coffee breaks Access to exclusive after-party. Become a sponsor. The key principles of the conference are: We don't accept paid talks.

    We don't promote ICOs.

    A Blockchain Development Ukraine. Expertise Data warehouse and ETL Turning your data into valuable insights fast with unique data warehouse solutions. Their team of employees specialize in blockchain, blockchain developers ukraine, mobile app, and web blockchain for primarily midmarket businesses in the advertising, business services, and customer products industries. Consult developers choose blockchain. Espeo Software specializes in web development, blockchain, developers app development, and more. We do Blockchain development to help our partners to shape the digital world of tomorrow by building products which will serve the next generations and make the future more intelligent, decentralized ukraine better place to live.

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