Companies developing blockchain software

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    It also has offices at Taipei and Palo Alto. San Francisco, CA. Subscribe to our Newsletter! It also has offices in Australia and New Zealand. They get the things done on developing highest level of quality and strive for companies through expertise in result-focused attitude, performance and high blockchain of software.

    Companies developing blockchain software

    Get our free software for insights into in technology, startups, and our services. Whether you are looking for a blockchain development companies or a dedicated team of blockchain developersyou can explore blockchain above list of developing technology companies and their products for your business. Get the latest Blockchain Investing stock information. Brights blockchain a Ukrainian software development companies that consists of over 70 team members, 30 of which are focused on blockchain projects. General Motors. Though, to jam it in developing, Blockchain is software software platform for digital financial assets, where you can store, send and receive cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, companies developing blockchain software. The blockchain company has experience working with various distributed ledger technologies, including Hyperledger, Ethereum, R3Corda, and Hashgraph.

    Blockchain Technology Stocks

    ArcTouch helps companies transform their business processes through blockchain decentralized apps and ledger technology.

    The blockchain company assists businesses in blockchain strategy, architecture, design, and developing working proof-of-concept decentralized applications for leading blockchain platforms including Ethereum, Stellar, and Hyperledger.

    Unicsoft specializes in emerging technology. The blockchain company delivers decentralized software products powered by AI for enterprises and growing startups.

    The team values communication and a personal approach to each of their clients. IBM iX runs a blockchain development services center and has a wide partner network of peers and vendors. IBM focuses on blockchain solutions in the food supply, FinTech, supply chain, governance, and other industries. The blockchain development company has created hundreds of PoCs, yet it mainly uses Hyperledger. Bitfury is the leading full-service blockchain company and one of the largest private infrastructure providers in the Blockchain ecosystem.

    Bitfury develops and delivers both the software and the hardware solutions necessary for businesses, governments, organizations and individuals to securely move assets across the Blockchain.

    The expertise of Bitfury ensures successful, easy, fast, secure and cost-effective connectivity to the Blockchain. They employ a global team of blockchain developers in technology, business, communications, security and civil society.

    LeewayHertz is a custom software and blockchain development company for startups and enterprises. They have great experience in developing, deploying and maintaining blockchain technology projects.

    The blockchain company has experience working with various distributed ledger technologies, including Hyperledger, Ethereum, R3Corda, and Hashgraph. Major Clients : U. The blockchain company has created an array of branded white-label products serving crowdfunding, private blockchains, and other applications.

    Market, Kepler Collective. Synsoft Global is a blockchain technology company based in central India. Since , the software and blockchain development company has delivered a variety of projects for companies from one-person startups to enterprises.

    The team at 10Clouds has immense expertise in blockchain technologies and has worked on numerous projects involving Ethereum, smart contracts development, and crowdsale. Inn4Science provides development process transparency and predictability by using Agile methodologies for target-setting and business analysis.

    The blockchain development company creates products based on Ethereum, Bitcoin, and deals with advanced development technologies such as Exonum, Node. OpenLedger is a team of seasoned blockchain developers with vast experience. They work on custom projects for such industries as FinTech, entertainment, insurance, and many more. They provide full-cycle development solutions for enterprises and startups.

    The team at S-PRO creates a unique flow to turn your idea into a valuable product. Titanium Blockchain is a pioneering blockchain company that offers full-scale services in blockchain development for a range of key industries. Look4App is a Polish software and blockchain development company that delivers cutting-edge blockchain and web development projects. With a strong FinTech background and eye for exceptional design, they deliver complex solutions on time and always strive for the best quality.

    They have all the qualities to become a genuine, trustworthy blockchain development partner. Major Clients : Travelplanet. IO, Hays Poland sp. Adoriasoft is a custom software and blockchain development company that delivers stellar results.

    Having deep knowledge and experience in information security and cryptography, Adoriasoft main focus is distributed applications, blockchain and smart contracts projects. The blockchain company creates Web and Mobile App user experiences that both clients and their customers love. Espeo is a software house focusing on product development, design and testing. The blockchain company works with Ethereum platform, Truffle and Open Zeppelin frameworks using JavaScript and Solidity programming languages.

    They are not just your typical blockchain company but rather your technical partner that guides clients towards the best technology match possible for their project.

    Block offers development and consultancy services focusing on blockchain technology and smart contracts. The blockchain company provides the infrastructure for Crypto and Machine Economy. Block works on blockchains such as Ethereum, Quorum, Bitcoin and Dash, and provides smart contract audits and DApp development services. Imaginovation is an award-winning software and blockchain development company offering creative web and mobile solutions for a variety of industries.

    The blockchin company is at the forefront of Blockchain technology, creating multiple projects with this new approach. At Revelry the team focuses on building on innovative tech stacks and customizing their services to meet your business needs. By partnering with the blockchain company on digital innovation and blockchain development, you collaborate to build solutions not only to create new business lines, but also grow into a tech company on your own.

    Revelry combines entrepreneurial and product experience with a wealth of talent and expertise to meet your unique business goals and objectives.

    JatApp is a software and blockchain technology company with a focus on Blockchain, crypto wallets and application development. The blockchain company works across many industries, including Manufacturing, Supply chain, Crowdfunding and Finance. The blockchain company provides smart contracts, fork and DApps development as well as research.

    In conjunction with Genesis Mining, HIVE mines cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin and ethereum, to further expand its crypto portfolio. The mining firm mined a total of bitcoin, 23, ethereum and 33, ethereum classic in the period. It provides services for commercial buildings, manufacturers and more. In May, Kontrol Energy announced a binding agreement to acquire a building energy and equipment monitoring company that operates a recurring revenue platform.

    The acquisition will give the company the ability to focus on efficiently scaling recurring revenues in software, IoT and services across its larger combined customer base and building footprint. Limelight Networks is an American company that provides a content delivery network and value-added services aimed at helping content owners improve streaming quality, download speeds and advertising capabilities.

    In March, Limelight Networks added new serverless computing capabilities to its services platform, as well as expanded its content delivery capacity to support increasing demand for online content. Market cap: Previously known as Northern Bitcoin, Northern Data is a bitcoin-mining establishment that runs exclusively off of hydropower.

    The company focuses on sustainable mining through the use of percent green mining technology. It currently runs over miners. The company hit a milestone in when it built its own mining pool, further propelling and scaling its growth. In , the company introduced tZERO, a security token trading platform, allowing accredited investors to trade tokens through broker-dealer Dinosaur Financial Group.

    Not long ago, Medici Ventures defended Voatz , a keiretsu company of Medici Ventures, and its use of mobile voting technology. Johnson believes that the technology protects against voter fraud and ensures the privacy of every voter. Later that year, a licensing agreement was secured with the Toronto-based REIN Group of Companies, which has over , registered investors. In February of this year, the company announced a partnership with ZorroSign, which gives the real estate industry access to electronic signature software.

    Securities Disclosure: I, Melissa Pistilli, hold no direct investment interest in any company mentioned in this article. Please remember that by requesting an investor kit, you are giving permission for those companies to contact you using whatever contact information you provide. If you want more than 20 investor kits, you need to make multiple requests.

    Select 20, complete the request and then select again. By selecting company or companies above, you are giving consent to receive communication from those companies using the contact information you provide. And remember you can unsubscribe at any time. I am interested in one or two layers down for the industry. And then another layer down, what companies supply any special hardware components specific to the systems chip sets, power supply, etc.

    All they do is crypto mining. They only have a 7 million share float and they are apparently profitable out of the box. The fluctuations in these shares are huge. Are these shares to lead the block chain or the bigger ones such as IBM? Do not overlook Overstock. George Soros bot 2. Hello Jon. Am I missing something? How do I invest?

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    Companies developing blockchain software

    The company offers software consulting and technology support for smart contract implementation and development of Blockchain database blockchain for enterprises. As an example of blockchain development by Brights, see Cryptonomics — an investment platform developing to high-loads. OnGraph Technologies works with enterprises, middle-market companies, and small businesses across the information technology, business services, and financial services companies. ISO Certification. Visit Website.

    How to find the best blockchain developers

    Blockchain technology is becoming a promising option for industries across the spectrum. Financial institutions around the globe are researching blockchain options because of its tremendous potential to revolutionize so many different types of business including personal identity security, insurance, finance, government and more.

    Proposed as the likely method of trade in the future, blockchain is an alternative that many are eyeing with the expectation that it will one day be the most common method for conducting transactions. There are currently hundreds of blockchain development companies and startups in operation, but some are more highly rated than others.

    The best blockchain development companies employ qualified and skilled developers and analysts with comprehensive services for their clients from the idea or concept evaluation through the scalable development process with follow-up maintenance services. Here are the five that are leading the way in the development that has the potential to change the world.

    Consensys is one of the top-rated blockchain development companies with a global approach. The company develops applications for enterprise, as well as building developer tools, investment in startups, and it provides blockchain education.

    The company has been in business since its founding in , with the purpose of growing the Ethereum community and developing a strong ecosystem of products and people. The company is comprised of security experts, lawyers, entrepreneurs, enterprise leaders, and world-class developers in their quest to establish a firm foundation for a future that is decentralized.

    Consensys is active in more than 30 countries throughout the world assisting developers and Global companies in their efforts to launch blockchain solutions.

    The three main products of Consensys include Alethio for monitoring and synthesizing on-chain data in real-time through its blockchain analytics in real-time. Codefi for business process optimization, the activation of digital financial instruments, and the deployment of production-ready blockchain solutions.

    Infura is the third product to develop a decentralized application through its infrastructure with access to Ethereum and IPFS networks.

    LeewayHertz is a blockchain technology consulting company that assists enterprises in developing the best solution for benefiting their operation.

    The company employs experienced experts in the technical architecture of blockchain to analyze idea feasibility and offer consultation to determine the most appropriate technology solution. The company provides insights into what blockchain is with an educational component, why it is a good solution and how it can benefit a company. LeewayHertz develops, deploys and manages blockchain solutions for its clients over a broad array of industries.

    From the idea through the design and development phases, clients receive customized blockchain solutions development services. This blockchain development company is a leader in the industry. Altoros is a blockchain development company that was founded in With nearly two decades of operational experience, this United States-based company offers enterprises and organizations blockchain solutions from the concepts or idea evaluations for feasibility, to the development of blockchain solutions.

    Altoros provides global clients with consultation, recommendations and customized design of high-quality software development with end to end services. Altoros consultants cover every aspect of blockchain development solutions from the start to the completion of the deployment and management thereafter. If you are looking for a PoC, MVP or a production-grade solution for finance, insurance, supply chain, healthcare, and other industries, Altoros is the right choice.

    Specialty : p rivate permissioned blockchain, training, technical and business consulting, blockchain architecture design, smart contracts, chain code, blockchain-based product development, fabric, sawtooth, indy, Ursa, cryptography.

    LeewayHertz has been recognized as IBM Blockchain Development Partner for deploying over 5 blockchain platforms and 80 plus smart contracts.

    They provide end to end solutions to build enterprise-grade blockchain applications. They are experienced in the development of multiple blockchain applications for Global Supply Chain, Identity Solution on blockchain and utility bill generation using blockchain and many more.

    LeewayHertz has 10 years of experience building over enterprise-grade digital platforms that are being used by millions of users across the world. An experienced blockchain development company with a deep understanding of AI, IoT, and cloud services. Ezetech is a web development agency from NY helping founders get their blockchain off the ground. The scope of their services covers initial planning and product scoping, software architecture, compliance, digital strategy, developing MVPs, further product development iteration , and maintenance.

    Specialty : blockchain, cryptocurrency, web development, crypto-exchange, wallets. TheBlockBox is a US-based company that provides high-performance blockchain solutions for a wide range of industries, such as AI, IoT, healthcare, gaming, transportation, finance and more. As well the company provides services in Blockchain consulting such as Use case analysis, Blockchain training, and Product design. Specialty : blockchain, cryptocurrency, crypto-exchange, wallets, CTO, smart contracts, auditing, security, consulting.

    TTG leverages its years of enterprise-wide data and application development that supports thousands of users from start-up to Fortune companies by developing highly secure and reliable Smart Contracts using Solidity, Ethereum, and Proof of Stake Algorithm. TTG also offers comprehensive token services for companies at any stage of development. TTG specializes in the architectural planning of tokens, from building out a plan and conducting a technical feasibility study to feature set documentation and best practice implementation.

    They also create test cases, run automated and manual tests, and document results. Specialty : software development, blockchain development, smart contracts, Ethereum. Chain is a US-based blockchain development company creating cryptographic ledger systems for the financial sector specifically. And they have things to be proud to showcase, for instance, Sequence ledger-as-a-service for secure tokens transactions.

    It works both for private ledgers and public networks, and it is currently used for mobile wallets, a crypto exchange platform, a ride-sharing app.

    Another example is a virtual transaction machine called TxVM — also a blockchain ledger service aimed at eligible state changes throughout different blockchains. Specialty : blockchain, distributed systems, cryptography, payment systems, ledger technology.

    ChromaWay started in with headquarters in Stockholm houses blockchain experts working with financial institutions, real estate companies, governmental agencies to provide smart contract solutions. Thus, they introduced Postchain — a consortium database which is a distributed database management tool with distributed control.

    Specialty : blockchain development, tokenization, digital currencies, consortium databases. Quest Global Technologies is a software consulting firm working in blockchain.

    LimeChain is a blockchain development and consulting studio based in Sofia Bulgaria with extensive experience in building blockchain solutions for startups and corporate clients. The company is founded by four friends, who are driven by the philosophy that results speak for themselves.

    LimeChain is determined to help pioneer the development of blockchain technology not only locally but also on a global level. Since December , LimeChain is a Hyperledger certified partner. Specialty : public and private blockchain development, smart contracts development and audits, decentralized application development, tools development, DAOs and DOs, token and wallet creation. They service to industries such as automotive, retail and e-commerce, financial sector, healthcare, media, manufacturing, logistics.

    Their experts are also trying to solve an issue with supply chain automation with the use of blockchain technology.

    For now :. CryptoSoftwares by iOSS is a leading blockchain and cryptocurrency development service provider based in India serving globally with extensive experience in blockchain applications for startups and MNCs around the globe, who concentrates on different sectors like finance, healthcare, etc.

    Our team of experienced professionals has in-depth knowledge of building Decentralized Blockchain applications on various frameworks like Hyperledger, Ethereum, etc.

    FreshWorks Studio from Canada Victoria and Vancouver claims to be enthusiastically working in areas of blockchain development and artificial intelligence AI. So they try to incorporate a decentralized app approach into software products, helping clients implement up-to-speed smart technologies.

    Kamtor is a Blockchain-focused company that provides advanced solutions based on private and public blockchains such as Hyperledger, R3, EOS, Ethereum, and others. Kamtor was founded in in a response to very high demand for developers in the technologically complex and trending sector — Blockchain.

    Mobile development, design, IoT, cloud computing, AI, Augmented Reality and, clearly, blockchain — all these innovative areas of work definitely make IntellectSoft one of the top blockchain companies as of They work in both private and public blockchain development , as well as create decentralized applications, smart contracts, e-commerce solutions, cryptocurrencies.

    Specialty : blockchain consulting, public and private blockchain, dApps, smart contracts. Ftechiz Solutions is a blockchain development company, mobile app development company, based in India. Specialty : Ethereum, blockchain, cryptocurrency, mobile developers, web developers.

    The company is focusing on researching and implementing blockchain solutions for enterprise customers worldwide. ABES Lab offers a unique set of integrated blockchain solutions helping to modernize business areas where Blockchain technology has the most value: contracts management and execution; payments inside the ecosystem of partners and suppliers; sourcing and tendering; digital supply chain management.

    The current solutions of ABES lab help to transform the contract management process from time-consuming manual work into a fully standardized automatic process of creation, approval and execution tracking; to upgrade internal budget planning, distribution, and execution by using innovative digital currency approach; to make sourcing process completely transparent.

    Sofocle Technologies is a leading player in the Blockchain space. Established in , the company is focused on building innovative blockchain-based enterprise solutions for businesses across different industry verticals primarily Finance, Health, and Manufacturing. The company works on developing custom blockchain solutions for enabling enterprises to streamline their business processes by enhancing security, authenticity, and transparency of every transaction happening within the business ecosystem.

    Apart from Blockchain consulting and Blockchain development services, Sofocle also offers robust solutions that are designed to deal with the pain points of the supply chain financing sofoCap , supply chain tracking sofochain and automated claim settlement sofoinsure industry.

    An offshore software development company with a focus on high-end technologies that include blockchain, of course, AI, enterprise resource planning programs, live video streaming, etc. But their prime focus is a cryptocurrency and all things related. This ranges from ICO development and campaigns, cryptographic apps to escrow services, tokens, secured networks. Industry focus is clearly fin-tech — working on secure communication, authentication, and financial transactions.

    They can be proud of 12 years of market experience, the team of over certified developers, and inclusion into the Fortune list.

    Based on successful projects in 10 key industries, Sphere Software provides end-to-end blockchain solutions. Five major services you can expect from this blockchain company are as follows. First, typical blockchain development — consulting, building and maintaining. Second, Hyperledger consulting, advising on best practices of blockchain tools and especially the one aforementioned, its capabilities, features, advantages.

    Third, tokens — numbers generated by special algorithms to protect your company from fraud.

    How To Get PAID To Learn Blockchain Development

    Being one of the best IT industry leaders, Deqode delivers comprehensive and enterprise-class blockchain solutions. Deqode has a large team of developers and designers that understand the key concepts of blockchain technology. They aim to transform any size of the company by offering blockchain solutions and make them achieve competitive advantages. Pharma Asset Tracking ecosystem.

    Primechain is a startup, assuring their clients with the high-octane blockchain development services. They have been working with various industries like manufacturing, banking, aviation, defense and military. Their expert team has extensive knowledge and experience in building quality-driven and robust solutions based on blockchain containing excellent features. Pune, India. SoluLab is a technological solution provider having expertise in the blockchain, web and mobile development.

    Backed by a prominent team, the company has worked with notable clients and deliver high-end projects in a short period. The company is not like just another off-shore development firm, they are a knowledgable technical partner for enterprises to small and mid-sized organizations. NYC, United States. Blockchain-based finance transfer system. Accubits has turned as a leading blockchain development company, based in the USA by building many blockchain solutions. For several years, they have been delivering robust blockchain development services that include blockchain development, blockchain maintenance, smart contract development and cryptocurrency wallet development.

    Virginia, United States. Whatever may your business be, they can bring top-notch blockchain development services and ensure trust with partners and customers. They constantly engage and provide consultation regarding how the clients can transform their business with blockchain technology.

    Manchester, England. With expertise and enthusiasm, they have delivered the real blockchain solution to the client. Sheerchain primarily works with small business clients belong to various sectors such as finance, healthcare and IT industries. Kharkiv, Ukraine. Espeo is an experienced software development company that delivers robust product development, design, and testing services on a global scale. They understand the value of time and follow the optimized process to build the solutions quickly and deliver them as early as possible.

    They are dedicated to delivering robust mobile and web applications that help businesses to achieve the targets in a shorter period. Kyiv, Ukraine. They understand every aspect of the project and discover what could be the best solution as a business point of view. They aim at providing excellent assistance to entrepreneurs, startups, and enterprises for developing technology platforms.

    New York, United States. Jatapp virtuously designs and develops excellent solutions that help clients accomplish business goals promptly. They work dedicatedly to build a professional mobile application that leverages the competitive advantages.

    Being a leading company in the blockchain development, Jatapp provides excellent services to their clients help them increase their market growth, research and ROI. Their technology vision helps them to create robust and user-friendly mobile apps that could shape the technology future. Miami, FL. Content Management Solutions Provider. Sparkbit is a software development company that specializes in blockchain development, custom software, web development and artificial intelligence.

    They have highly qualified and skilled developers and designers who can understand the complex problems and processes to provide the ideal solution to clients. Blockchain Pensions Infrastructure. SoftwareMill is one of the best blockchain technology companies that has developed many projects based on the blockchain. They have a skilled team who cater to the needs of the businesses within the budget.

    Their focus is to deliver valuable solutions to clients using the latest technology stacks. The Poland-based company believes that its focused teams can vigorously resolve the problems while providing the perfect solution. Warsaw, Poland. Online wallet for cryptocurrencies. Usually, they work with mid-sized organizations which belong to the IT industry. Syndication Solutions. Unicsoft is an innovative technology company that delivers software products based on the Blockchain and AI technologies for organizations and growing startups.

    They get the things done on the highest level of quality and strive for success through expertise in result-focused attitude, performance and high standards of achievement. Edinburgh, Scotland. Founded in , Axioma is one of the technology-driven solutions development company. They have developed robust and complex blockchain projects for different sectors such as fintech, e-commerce and gaming. The organization is also responsible for medical services, eCommerce, retail, and high tech organizations.

    They guarantee reliable services, especially in blockchain and software development to their customers. With the company being a top blockchain technology provider, it relies on the profound knowledge of its experts come up with solutions for various businesses. The company also allows service exchange of digital assets. Their processes are safe and secure hence gaining popularity all over the world. The blockchain technology companies have different prospects and similar services.

    Their main aim is to satisfy the needs of their clients, especially when it comes to blockchain eCommerce technology. These companies have also been started by genius minds, which come up with software solutions for their customers. The fact that it deals with matters in cryptocurrencies which also accepts multiple coins, make them more marketable. Note: This post was originally published on 15 March and has been totally updated for the completeness and veracity of the content on 13 April Home Analysis.

    Notice: The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.

    Decentralized finance came to the rescue for many investors in many different forms. This borderless and permissionless solut Read More. If you want to invest in LTC successfully, then you should pay more attention to the Litecoin price prediction. Vitalik Buterin is a name that should be mentioned in a description of the cryptocurrency industry.

    He is famous for leading Top Rated Casinos. Margex is a next-gen Bitcoin-based derivatives trading platform, We liked the performance and communication level at all steps. With their years of experience in challenging and ultimately improving any existing system, SemiDot have become an expert that specialises in a number of faculties, with Blockchain at the forefront of their service offerings, like:. Luxury Ledger - is a HyperLedger Blockchain integrated Smart Contracts Platform, that serves as a highly versatile decentralized Tokenization, Supply Chain and Exchange Management tool, for all the stages of the product lifecycle, from production to its acquisition.

    With its 21 years of experience in all the facets of the Industry, from Web and Mobile Development to Gaming and Enterprise Management, Itransition provides top-tear Blockchain Services, like:. For an undisclosed Texas based business incubation and venture capital investment firm Itransition delivered a universal single interface Exchange and Trading platform that connects an unlimited number of Cryptocurrency exchanges, empowering the end users to automate and facilitate the trading process by providing trade portfolio, risk management, market analytics, and reporting tools.

    CoinCasso turned to Try Codnet for solving a lot of tasks of its beta version platform of cryptocurrency exchange. I highly recommend working with Try Codnet Considering their humble beginning in , 4ire Labs have expanded their global representation to Sweden, Canada and even China, and show no signs of stopping.

    With their holacratic approach to project management, 4ire Labs set higher customer service standards in providing solutions, like:. The CIF Crypto Improvement Fund - is an educational ecosystem built on and for Blockchain, delivering a multitude of professional development services and software products - all with an intrinsic focus on Blockchain Technology - to its clients.

    I felt comfortable that they understood my needs. They also had an air of professionalism, which unfortunately is rare in the emerging blockchain industry. Thorough understanding of the project and its requirements.

    Will work with Oodles again. Softeq distinguish themselves by delivering custom Software, Firmware as well as Hardware, Blockchain Solutions ahead of the curve, for the past 22 years for Startups and Fortune clients, alike:. Softeq carried out a Blockchain-powered personal Web-Banking Cryptocurrency Platform for enabling the end user to create digital wallets, exchange, transfer, make and receive payments with Bitcoin, for a confidential Texas Fintech Startup.

    The best part is I find myself saying that all the time. Product Manager at Enova Financial. ESOP Manager Employee Stock Option Plan Manager - is a complex tool, that allows for integrated streamlining and simplification of companies Employee Stock Option Plan building processes, by providing stock as Blockchain or Ethereum Tokens via smart contract governing in the place of legal agreement.

    Concise are solid and reliable supplier and experts in their field. Brights is an Ukrainian software development agency that was established in The Brights consists of over 70 team members about 30 of which are focused on blockchain projects creating. As a company, that provides best-in-class services, Brights specializes in creating advanced blockchain solutions using its own technologies and plug-ins.

    The company presents the blockchain as a chain of data on transactions, transactions and contracts within the system, presented in cryptographic form. All data in the blockchain is accumulated and form a constantly updated database. In addition to being virtually invulnerable, the database also allows you to record an infinite number of transactions.

    The Brights had already implemented more than projects for clients from US and Europe. The Brights team was hired in order to create a resistant to high-loads investment platform with a huge number of investment means and transaction data integrity. AgriLedger - is an integrated Mobile Private Ledger Multi-Chain Network Solution of services for delivering an even playing field for farmer cooperatives in Asia and Africa, by recording and storing incorruptible data about farming transactions.

    We have a strong and reliable relationship. Rates are very competitive compared to the skills and seriousness of the team members. In their main area of expertise, Blockchain Development Technologies, Venture Aviator can and should be highlighted for covering every nook and cranny of the industry, above and beyond:.

    We are very grateful to Venture Aviator for the amazing job they have done for us, they are a fantastic team of Blockchain Development Experts. CloseCross - is a complex patented FinTech Blockchain-powered multi-party Decentralized Market Prediction and Trading Platform, offering quantifiable risk-reward balancing based on real-time financial market information flow.

    Very responsive quick execution and always available for quick tasks and clarification. I would definitely use them for other projects. Brainvire Infotech Inc. Visit website. Currently, the company has delivered more than projects for both Fortune companies and startups. As for Blockchain, the company proposes the following services: Blockchain and Private Blockchain development Threat-free wallet Cryptocurrency exchanges Digital Contract Development Supply chain management through Blockchain Brainvire is able to deliver Blockchain solutions to Retail, Healthcare, Finance, Education, Logistics, Advertising, and other verticals.

    Notable project Brainvire has developed a unique mobile solution using Blockchain technology for its regular client. Sunil Wagle 5 months ago. Unified Infotech.

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